Thank you for expressing interest in applying for a dog with California Service Dog Academy (CSDA).  We want to make sure applicants are serious about the undertakings of bringing a California Service Dog Academy Dog into their lives. We have created a comprehensive application that will allow us to gather the most information about our applicants as possible.  

1. The process starts with a non-refundable $50.00 administration that we receive via our ordering link below.

  • We use a secure PayPal Link to accomplish this transaction
  • Once your order and payment have been processed you will be redirected to our Service Dog Application form
  • You will be required to login with a Google Account or create a Google Account to apply.
  • This helps us keep your information secure and helps us communicate with you regarding the status of your application
  • Additionally, this allows you to edit and update your application
  • Before filling out the application, we ask that you read the following information to ensure that you qualify as an applicant:


2. California Service Dog Academy trains dogs for the following client types:

  • Veterans who have been formally diagnosed with PTSD, other mental health conditions not mentioned below, TBI, and physical disabilities
  • Individuals with mobility disabilities
  • Individuals with Autism Spectrum and Neurocognitive Disabilities
  • Individuals looking for a medical alert dog
  • Individuals looking for an Emotional Support Dog


3. California Service Dog Academy is unable to provide service dogs at this time for the following conditions:

  • Visually impaired
  • Hearing impaired
  • Mental health diagnosis such as, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder, etc.
  • Non-military civilians diagnosed with PTSD
  • Non-military civilians with anxiety and/or depression as their primary diagnosis


4. When filling out your application you will need to be able to dedicate your time to filling our the entire application in one session.


5. You will be able to return to the form AFTER you have submitted it, should you wish to edit it.


6. You will need access to the following information while filling our your application:

  • You will need basic contact information for you and two individuals who have agreed to provide support to you and your service dog
  • You will need the contact information, specifically an email address, for the people who will complete your letters of recommendation, as well as your physician or therapist who is filling out your medical form
  • You will need basic financial information to fill out our finance worksheet
  • There is a required video portion of this application. to submit a video, you will need to upload your video by copying and pasting a link to either a Dropbox page or private YouTube page.


If you have questions about how to do this, please call us at 866-382-9917

If you are completing this application on behalf of an individual under the age of 12, please complete as the individual receiving the dog.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for California Service Dog Academy programs or filling out the CSDA application, please contact us at: 866-382-9917.