Our Services

CSDA was founded to assist people with legitimate disabilities find newfound freedom with a well trained Service Dog. We offer several services to help you with your Service Dog Journey:

  • Initial advice and answers to general questions about whether or not a Service Dog is right for you.
  • Information on the average Service Dog “journey”, i.e. how long it can take, how much can it cost, breeds, etc.
  • Possible acceptance onto our waiting list for dogs that CSDA has produced, procured and trained.

Information about our Breeding Program:

As of 2018, CSDA is building a breeding program with hand picked Golden Retrievers from lines throughout the WORLD based on pedigrees that stand out in the areas that we care about. Health and temperament are the most important things to consider when choosing dogs as Service Dog candidates, but especially so when choosing them to become breeding dogs. These dogs will hopefully go on to produce outstanding puppies that have a better chance of growing up into Service Dogs.

Our foundation dogs come from long lines of health tested dogs with proven longevity. Longevity and health are incredibly important as we look at Service Dogs as long term investments, both as we train them and once we match them with a new handler. They are also chosen because they come from generations of dogs with wonderful temperaments. Health, longevity and temperament of parent dogs is an important indicator of how their puppies will turn out in those areas, so we have been extremely picky in selecting foundation dogs based on these qualities.

All of our potential breeding dogs will require health screening and clearances before being able to contribute to our breeding program.

Puppy Raising Program

Our careful breeding program produces puppies that have a great start to life, but that’s only the beginning!! We use a puppy raising protocol to continue to shape our puppies’ futures and set them up for success. CSDA implements Puppy Culture as part of our puppy raising procedures. From the day they are born, we work with our puppies to grow them into confident, willing & resilient dogs that can hopefully stand up to the demands that being a Service Dog requires.

Not all of our puppies will make it as a Service Dog, and that is ok! We may occasionally have a puppy or dog that needs a wonderful pet home. We do not have any dogs available to pet homes at this time.

California Service Dog Academy does not have any dogs available at this time. Please CONTACT US for more information.